Bev Gisborne

My name is Bev Gisborne and I have been exactly where you are, and achieved amazing and lifelong results. This was me not so long ago several stones heavier than I am now, and not nearly as happy!


I am based in East Anglia. And I am proud to offer a mixture of classes and personal coaching in a variety of formats. All you have to do is pick the one that suits you best.

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Get Inspired Quick Start

Everything you need to Get Inspired and start to make the changes that will give you everything you ever thought possible and more in a weight loss programme. Includes Quit Sugar in 7 days plan.


• Placebo Diet Principles & journal (PDF)
• Colour Code System (CCS) (E-book)
• Quick Start Guide (QSG) (PDF)
• Quit Sugar 7 day plan: Includes a 7 step process including a Change Your Mind audio, TFT (Tapping) exercises to collapse cravings, along with a range of inspirational information and other practical techniques.

Weekly Get Togethers

My inspirational weekly get-togethers are so much more than just a weigh and measure session, each week I will share the secrets of this simple effective Colour Code System plus teach you some great practical techniques to change how you think and feel about food, so you naturally make different lifestyle choices – no will power required!


The Light House

Access to our exclusive members only online community for ongoing support and resources

Join our thriving Colour Code Facebook community where you can ask questions on nutrition, wellbeing and fitness.


Members Area

1 months’ free membership to the VIP members area of the website where you can access new resources and materials every week including great recipes, weekly workouts and much more

Bev Gisborne

Personal Testimonial for Bev

When I first began my weight loss journey on the placebo diet, I chose Bev as my coach as I had met her and really trusted her.


Initially I had loads of questions and Bev really made everything so simple. Having her there as my coach really helped me she kept me focused motivated and happy, expertly steering me through many potential sabotage opportunities! I went to Bev one day workshop in Norwich, and it blew my mind. I knew I had changed for good. The benefits have been way beyond just weight loss, I am so much more confident, and not just around food.


Once the weight started to fall off (in pounds as well as inches) the second most elated person was Bev!


I feel happy, focussed, healthy and I actually love seeing myself in the full length mirror these days!


I’ve gone from a size 16/18 to a 14. In some stores I’m a 12


A huge thank you to Bev, for all her expert guidance and patience. This has been life changing.



Don’t take my word for it – how good will it feel when this is you!


Are you ready to take the first step now? It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Step one

Purchase the Get Inspired pack


Step two

You can pay as you go for the first 4 weeks at £7 per week or you can choose to and sign up for £25 per month by direct debit


Step three

You will get a welcome phone call from me to get you started, just enter the best number to call you on


Is this the easiest diet ever? Daily Mail, 2019


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Champneys Retreats

Be personally guided by Janet through the process of changing your mind and your body… for good, in the luxurious settings of the UKs leading health spa resorts


Be personally guided through any one of our programmes by one of our specially trained Placebo Diet coaches who can motivate, empower and inspire you


If you would like to experience the techniques in person. Come along to one of our many inspiring talks or presentations, or join us for a one or two-day workshop