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Luxury retreats available at Champneys Spas (UK) and Thalasia Hotel (Spain)
“Come Alive” transformative retreat in Spain – next course Coming Soon!
The ultimate informative, motivational and empowering experience that will change the way you think and feel about food – and yourself, for good.
Placebo Diet Retreats at Champneys (UK)

Janet will personally guide you through her step by step process that will teach you how all your existing behaviours were created, and how to change your mind so that you naturally want to eat less, enjoy different foods, and banish cravings. You will also learn the super simple Colour Code System so you can put it all into practice and get great results, without feeling like you are on a diet. This is the ultimate mind body experience, set in the luxurious setting of the UKs leading Health Spa’s.

This retreat will help you make changes and teach you practical techniques that you can use not just whilst you are there, but also afterwards so that you will continue to benefit from the programme indefinitely, in all areas of your life.

Choose from a 3 or 5 day experience

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