Colour Code Nutrition System


Introducing the Super Simple and Effective Colour Code Nutrition System – Now on Video!

With The Placebo Diet, you learn how to use your mind to change your body. How to stop wanting all those old foods that made you heavy. However, what you also need to know is what to replace them with! You need to know which foods will boost your metabolism, your immune system, and your overall vitality so that you maximise your weight loss and get lifelong benefits.

The Colour Code System is a thoroughly researched programme that explains in easy to understand terms exactly what your body needs and why. No fads, no gimmicks, just informative inspiring information all put together into 4 simple colours. Just use these colours to categorise everything you eat, and the science behind this simple system will do everything else for you, including stabilising your blood sugar, reducing physiological cravings, improving digestion and liver function – and of course, burning more fat!

Watch Janet teaching this unique system and be informed and inspired. As well as the videos you will have the MP3 files to listen to whenever you want to remind yourself of how simple losing weight and changing your body can be – when you do it the right way, and this really is the right way. This system takes the “die” out of dieting and helps you to live in the body you want and deserve. Because you really are worth it.

The videos are broken down into bite-size chunks (pun intended!) so that you can easily absorb the information and start to make the changes at your own pace. If you are serious about wanting to live in a healthy body and have been totally mystified by the conflicting advice and fad diets – set yourself free and lose weight without calorie counting or the need for willpower.


Colour Code Nutrition System - £99 SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE £65



Come along to the Colour Fast Diet Workshop

Learn the fast way to detox and boost your metabolism.

This is one day that can transform your body and revitalise your mind

If you want to go a step further and give yourself a real boost come along to the Colour Fast Diet Workshop and learn how to supercharge your metabolism using detoxing and an optional mini-fast. Learn more about how your gut health really does influence how much weight you do – or don’t lose. This workshop is the ultimate for anyone wanting to see results fast and set themselves on the right track – for good.

What is the Colour Fast Diet?

On this one day workshop you will learn exactly which nutrients cleanse your body, boost metabolism, energy levels and health, and kick start weight loss.

We will debunk the myths around fasting including:

  • The truth about Ketosis
  • 14 hour fasts
  • Fruit Fasts
  • Juice Fasts
  • Water Fasts

You will learn about the very latest research on a range of nutrition topics and walk away with a structured but flexible plan based on the Colour Code System and incorporate all of the benefits of detoxing and fasting. This can be tailored to suit your own needs and preferences so that you can see results – FAST.


Colour Code System + Colour Fast Diet Workshop - Only £220