The Placebo Diet
I don’t feel like I’m on a diet... but I am losing weight!

The Placebo Diet is designed to help you adapt your current food choices, so you never feel like you’re depriving yourself.

Rooted in the latest scientific research, the simple Colour Code Nutrition System explains what your body needs and why by categorising food into four colour groups. Breaking down your meals into these colours and following the system will stabilise your blood sugar, reduce physiological cravings, improve digestion and liver function – and of course, burn fat!

Changing the way you eat is only half of the story, though. The Placebo Diet also includes video clips which break the information into bite-sized (pun intended!) chunks, as well as MP3 clips to listen to wherever you are. These are designed to change your relationship with food - and yourself - for good.

Set yourself free from conflicting advice, calorie-counting and disappointing fad diets with a weight loss plan to take care of your body and mind, in a permanent way.

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Customer Testimonials

"10 months after starting The Placebo Diet programme, I am now 10st 6lb (down from 13st 2lb). I haven’t done lots more exercise or joined a gym…just followed Janet’s advice and used the mind changing techniques. As silly as it sounds I eat what I want: it’s what I want that has changed!"

Marie James

"So far I have lost 5 stone and it’s still coming off so I am really chuffed! The visualisation techniques are great – it’s really working!"

Luke Carter