Don’t Let Your Buttons Be Pushed!


Have you ever responded angrily to someone and then said, ‘He/she really knows how to push my buttons’? Have you ever looked at a cake, a piece of chocolate, a lump of cheese or any food and generated a ‘need’ and a strong desire for it, even though you’re not hungry? That’s another button you created by combining a thought with an emotion – you created a synaptic pathway in your brain to repeat that message or thought every time you are exposed to the same stimulus.

This festive season for many of us can be a time when we are tested whether our buttons are pushed or not. Particularly when we are surrounded by family who may expect us to act in certain ways and when we are surrounded by the temptations of over-indulgence.

Remember it only takes an opposing thought, combined with a powerful emotion, to delete that connection and wire a new one. If you prepare yourself ahead of time and visualise how you want to celebrate this festive system in terms of eating and drinking, and how you want to look and feel, this will go a long way to keeping you sane and happy during this time of excess.

Belief is everything and along with visualisation, these are your powerful friends to ensure that you don’t fall down on your goals and end up frustrated and feeling fat and unhealthy.

Mince Pies

In ‘The Biology of Belief’, Bruce Lipton tells the story of a physician who gave his patient the diagnosis of a cancer that was 100 per cent fatal. It was no surprise to the physician when, a few weeks after diagnosis, the patient died, as predicted. However, a post mortem revealed a misdiagnosis – the patient’s body showed very little evidence of cancer and certainly not enough to prove fatal. The belief that he had a terminal illness generated such powerful thoughts in the patient that he actually changed his physiology and killed his own body.

You don’t have to take my word for this, if you want to know more the references for this and many other examples can be found in “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton and also “The Placebo Effect” by Dr Jo Dispenza, who healed himself through the power of focused thoughts and meditation after a serious accident that threatened to leave him paralysed.

I tell you again and again that every thought matters. You don’t get fat eating one mince pie, one chocolate truffle, one piece of Christmas cake or one extra slab of cheese. You don’t get fat not going to the gym for one day or not moving any more than you have to for 24 hours. Fatness is the result of the compound effect of all your thoughts and behaviours. So, if you choose to give yourself complete freedom and eat exactly what you want this Christmas Day, this itself won’t make you fat, as long as you can pick up on your goal and your best eating habits the day after. If you decide to block out any thought of healthy eating and drinking over the next few weeks, then you may just find yourself eating a bit of this and another bit of that….and this can add up to you feeling sluggish and disappointed in yourself.

There is no right way, it’s your Christmas and you should enjoy all the festivities and food and drink that you wish to. My suggestion to you is to do it consciously, not whilst your mind is half asleep. Make your choices now and set yourself up with a plan, visualise the situations you will be in and how you would like to handle them, visualise how you would like to feel and what you would like to eat.

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