The Colour Fast Reset Programme
Fast track your way to a healthier body and mind in just 2 weeks.

Give your body a complete detox with the Colour Fast Reset Programme, and see results fast. More than your average ‘diet’, the programme is fully interactive, with several elements to ensure guaranteed success.

The fortnight-long programme includes a tailored plan, incorporating planned fasting periods to give your digestive system a proper break. Alongside this, the Colour Fast Reset Programme comes with a series of practical video resources and audio clips focused on reprogramming your mind against unhealthy eating habits.

After the two weeks not only will you visibly drop fat fast, your metabolism and energy levels will be boosted, putting you in the best possible place to continue on your weight loss journey.

Buy Now: Special Introductory Price £95 (Usually £150)

Customer Testimonials

"After weighing myself today I’m so proud to have lost almost a stone! The Colour Fast Reset has completely changed my mindset around food and I’m so grateful to Janet Thomson and the rest of the colour code team for the opportunity to change myself for the better."

Lauren Prentice

"After the 2 weeks of the Colour Fast programme I am feeling so much better both physically and mentally. Losing 6.5 kg was not expected, although neither was gaining all these great recipes and food products filling my fridge and cupboards!"

Alasdair MacInnes