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“I don’t feel like I am on a diet – but I am losing weight!”
Nikki Malone – who has lost over 6 stone – and kept it off

There are many nutrition plans and “diets” that actually result in weight loss.………….. but!

The problem is that almost all of them involve feeling deprived, or having to eat foods you don’t like. The whole process of dieting can be time consuming and difficult. The Placebo Diet is totally unique because it teaches you how to adapt your current food choices, so that you never feel deprived and change is more seamless and gentle. The Colour Code System is a super simple plan that gives you choice and flexibility without feeling like you are on a diet. In fact the most common feedback I get is “I don’t feel like I am on a diet – but I am losing weight!”

But of course nutrition is only half the problem, it’s how we think and feel about food that determines what, when, and how much we eat. Many people think it’s the big meals or mistakes now and then that make the difference, but the reality is that it’s the little “bad habits” that you repeat often, that are the biggest cause of weight gain. No one biscuit/cake/pizza will make you fat, but lots of small helpings of any of these eaten over a few days really can – and does!

For many of us food is inextricably linked to our mood and how we think and feel. I often hear the phrase “because I deserve it” when clients chat about eating something that is guaranteed to make them fat! That’s a perfect example of how the brain can get its wires crossed! Just think how much easier life would be if you can look at a food that makes you fat, and genuinely not want it! That’s exactly the kind of change you will be able to make on The Placebo Diet, and this kind of change – is for good.

How do I join? Here are My packages

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The Placebo Diet at Home

The Placebo Diet at home is a unique programme including entertaining & inspiring weekly presentations and demonstrations, with practical exercises, powerful guided meditations and audios… all from the comfort of your home.

Champneys Retreats

On these unique Placebo Diet retreats held at the UK’s premier spa resorts, Janet will personally guide you through her step by step process that will teach you how all your existing behaviours were created, and how to change your mind so that you naturally want to eat less, eat and enjoy different foods, and banish cravings

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Each package is tailor made for you to get the very best results, whether you choose the book and audios, or the video and audios, there is a package to suit every style and budget. All packages include membership to our exclusive online community via a private group and you can also receive up to 7 months of VIP membership and extra lessons.

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You will receive the full Placebo Diet at Home package plus get 8 hours of personal one to one coaching from Janet which allows you to address any personal issues or anxieties in any area of your life, (these may or may not be weight loss related) making this a unique and bespoke therapeutic coaching experience that can be life changing.

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Try a sample before you buy

Are you curious and want to find out more about just how much changing your mind can help you change your body? It’s a new approach, and its only right that you try it out first and make sure it’s right for you. So I would like to offer you the first Placebo Diet at Home audio (MP3) completely free.

Sit back and enjoy finding out about how your brain works, and more importantly, how you can change it! even this one lesson may be enough for you to begin to make the changes you have always wanted to make, and if that’s the case please have it and use it with my compliments – in fact share it with your friends!

Or if you would like me to guide you through the whole programme, then you can choose which package, or maybe which retreat or workshop, that suits you best. It will be my pleasure to help you to change – for good.

Simply by adding your name and email address below we will send you the FREE MP3 and learn how your mind can change your body

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