Judy Harvey

Locality: Perth, Australia


Like most of us, I have tried just about every kind of diet known to me: shakes, cleanses, low carb, high protein diet… you name it and I have tried it! I would lose weight and then regain it plus more besides. I literally dieted myself fatter! I had a major life crisis a few years ago and I took my life by the horns and I trained in a range of holistic therapies, but even with all of my training I still didn’t crack the issue of my weight.


It wasn’t until I joined a clinical study group and they put me into the ‘Diet and Exercise’ part of the programme. They looked at everything that I ate and my activity levels (which were almost non-existent!) to assess the long term effects of my diet and exercise on my mind. I had a full body scan where they measured every single part of my body. This told me not just that I was fat (as if I didn’t know!) but showed me what damage I had done to my body over the years. That was a very scary moment, and I realised I had been totally abusing and disrespecting my body with foods I was calling a ‘treat’. It turns out the combined effect of all these ‘treats’ was the exact opposite of a treat: it was poor health, lethargy and low self-esteem.


I had met Janet a number of years ago and she introduced me to her way of thinking about weight loss so I looked her up and I started to follow her Colour Code System. I also began to use the online videos and audios – and I found it easier and easier to make different food choices. I never felt like I was on a diet or was missing out, and learned to love and even crave new foods that really were (and still are) a treat because they gave me my vitality back as they took the inches off. An unexpected bonus was that my overall mindset became so much more positive in almost every area of my life.

Is this the easiest diet ever? Daily Mail, 2019

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