Lindsey Peters

Locality: Hertfordshire


I have been an award-winning fitness and weight-loss instructor for nearly 25 years – and a proud Placebo Diet Coach! Some of you may know me as Lindsey Fitness from my classes in Hertfordshire. I was originally trained by Janet Thomson in fitness and nutrition over 20 years ago and have now come full circle as a Placebo Diet Coach. For me the weight loss industry has become a complete minefield of false promises, misinformation and utter confusion so that even getting started on dealing with weight issues and improving health can be difficult.


I read the Placebo Diet on recommendation and it just made so much sense – dealing with mindset and focusing on nutrition for health, teamed with exercise for successful, sustainable weight -loss…hoorah! I have since completed the Colour Fast ReSet and could not believe how much better I felt. I lost 7lbs, felt totally energised and I am still feeling the same today. It was a gamechanger!


My passion has always been to help anyone lose weight and get fit and as a Placebo Diet coach I now have the skills, experience and a proven system to help you change how you feel about food for good. This really is the secret to permanent weight loss!

Is this the easiest diet ever? Daily Mail, 2019

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