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The magic of TFT

Hi, I am Janet Thomson and I am delighted to collaborate with Laura to bring you this very unique course. Day one is the certified Thought Field Therapy (Callahan approved) training. I was lucky enough to train personally with Roger Callahan who originally discovered the power of “Tapping” . It was originally called “Callahan Techniques” and later changed to TFT. I am proud to say that wrote a glowing reference about my trainings in his personal introduction to my book “Tapping For Life” . All modalities that include any form of tapping on meridian points to collapse negative emotions, including EFT and others, originate from Dr Callahan’s wonderful discoveries. Not only is TFT the original but it’s the most elegant tapping therapy as no language is required. That means people dealing with traumas or anxieties which may be painful to verbalise, need say nothing at all and you can still collapse the emotion in a more gentle manner. As long as you can identify the emotion you are working to eliminate, you can treat it with little or no other information.

In advance of the course once you will receive several resources including several short (5-10 minute) videos that I have recorded to make the process of learning this wonderful technique even easier. This enables me to deliver what should be a 2 day course in just one day, leaving day 2 free for other methodologies that work wonderfully with TFT to create some real magic.

When I first learned TFT (many years ago!) I was so inspired by its simplicity that I insisted on using it just two days later when I was recording a weight loss programme for Central ITV. I managed to get the camera girl to collapse her cigarette craving in just 2 minutes and the producer was bowled over! Within a week as an absolute TFT novice I was filming my own mini-series for Central ITV called “Chance To Change” demonstrating the power of TFT, you can see clips of that here. This is testimony not to me, but to the brilliance and simplicity of the process and how quickly you can use it.

Dr Roger CallahanDr Roger Callahan creator of TFT

“Janet is creative and unique in her ability to explain TFT, she is an excellent trainer and combines her excellent teaching skills excitement and knowledge in her trainings, we are proud to have her as a representative for TFT”

The Cardiff North Hotel By AccorHotels, Circle Way East, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff CF239XF

9/10th October 2021
Saturday & Sunday 9.30 a.m. – 1700 (approx.)
This is not just a certified TFT course, it’s a blend of several techniques that bring a new dynamic to the process that will open your eyes to the amazing potential of using energy healing techniques to enhance emotional and physical health.

Day 2 Dynamic Energy Healing Techniques

Over the many years since my TFT journey began I have refined the technique and also trained in a number of other energy based therapies which I will share with you on day 2. Everything I have learned in my Energy Healing trainings has instilled in me the importance of understanding and respecting the way energy flows around our body, and how it impacts our emotional and physical health, and importantly how we can affect it and ultimately change it for good.

Curious? You should be!
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You don’t have to take my word for it these are just a few of the amazing testimonials:

Lindsey Peters
I have just completed a totally mind blowing weekend with Janet Thomson on her TFT and Dynamic Energy Healing Workshop. Janet delivered a stunningly interesting and very practical weekend for all participants with clear explanations and inspirational demonstrations, we were soon using the techniques ourselves with great effect. This course is Janet Thomson at her brilliant best

Quite magical on many levels


Kelly Langmaid
A big thank you to Janet for an amazing TFT & Dynamic Energy course. TFT has given me a tool that I can use alongside hypnosis with my clients, many of whom are cancer patients with a complex range of issues. On top of it being a great tool for during my sessions, clients love the TFT sequences that I give them to take home and practise each day. It gives them a sense of control of something that has ruled their lives for so long, and it has helped me personally shift limiting beliefs that didn’t seem to disappear with hypnosis or NLP alone.
As a kinesiologist I was shocked at how closely Janet’s TFT and Dynamic Energy techniques link to Applied Kinesiology. Their benefits go far, far beyond what is detailed on the course description. I have found that certain techniques actually help with body alignment and other physical issues as well, it was absolutely mind blowing. TFT has now become my favourite secret weapon for any stubborn issues within the body.

It is so great to be taught be someone with such passion and skill


Joy Martin
Janet delivered an inspirational course that gave me the confidence to practice TFT and Dynamic Energyhealing for myself and with others. The pre-course materials were excellent and were used during the course to reinforce the teaching; they allowed delegates to listen, absorb and practice techniques without the distraction of taking notes. The balance of practical workshops and delivery of information was perfect with the lots of opportunity to work with others. Questions were encouraged and always responded to clearly and informatively. As a cardiac rehab trainer and instructor I am already integrating some of the techniques in my classes and look forward to adding more.

I would recommend this course to anyone – all would find their life enriched