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Hi, my name is Janet Thomson, I am bringing my “Placebo Diet” concept to Australia in a series of training programs and workshops.

The Placebo Diet is a totally unique system that will transform how you feel about food – and yourself. Once you start the Placebo diet you will naturally make different food choices and automatically lose weight – without dieting! No more emotional eating or food cravings, just a natural desire to make choices that bring you the body and the life that you want.

If you are a coach, therapist or fitness instructor, and you would like to be able to inform and inspire your clients to lose much more than just body weight, to look and feel lighter, then come along to one of my professional training sessions and I will share with you some guiding principles and techniques, and you can develop your business in the most rewarding way possible.

Professional Weight Loss Training Course

Dates: February 3rd and 4th 2018
Cost: $750 (early bird price ($650) ONLY 5 early bird places remaining!)
Venue: Perth, Australia

A 2-day specialised professional training course for coaches and therapists to enhance their skills when working with weight loss clients.

With so many clients and potential clients wanting to lose weight, give yourself an advantage by using the most cutting edge change-work tools and techniques. This unique workshop has been extensively researched and designed to bring you the very latest in the neurological research, and show you practical ways to apply it in ways that will inspire both you , and your clients.

We will cover a range of techniques and topics from a variety of modalities including:

PinkBulletNeuroplasticity – how the brain changes
PinkBulletHow habits are installed, and can be changed
PinkBulletThe power of influence
PinkBulletThe power of language, and how to use it
PinkBulletPractical techniques based in NLP and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
PinkBulletGoal setting
PinkBulletPractical techniques for creating a workable strategy
PinkBulletHow to minimise or collapse self-sabotage
PinkBulletNutrition – the truth behind many diet myths
PinkBulletWhat your body really needs – and why

No prior weight loss coaching experience is necessary, however you will need to be practised in communication skills and have experience or training in delivering any other therapy, treatment or coaching modality.

We are looking for a limited number of registered Placebo Diet coaches, who can deliver an established programme with all materials provided, and become part of the growing Placebo Diet Community, with ongoing support and training. If you would like more information on this very special opportunity you can read more here.

Or you may just wish to incorporate all you will learn into your own existing practice. Either way the training is inspirational and informative with many take home techniques.

Includes course workbook and comprehensive training worksheets.

Book now for the early-bird price

Early Bird Price – $650
Full Price – $750

How It Works

“I don’t feel like I am on a diet – but I am losing weight!”
Nikki Malone – who has lost over 6 stone – and kept it off

There are many nutrition plans and “diets” that actually result in weight loss.………….. but!

The problem is that almost all of them involve feeling deprived, or having to eat foods you don’t like. The whole process of dieting can be time consuming and difficult. The Placebo Diet is totally unique because it teaches you how to adapt your current food choices, so that you never feel deprived and change is more seamless and gentle. The Colour Code System is a super simple plan that gives you choice and flexibility without feeling like you are on a diet. In fact the most common feedback I get is “I don’t feel like I am on a diet – but I am losing weight!”

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What people are saying about the Placebo diet

  • “Janet is an inspirational teacher and trainer and her techniques bring about immediate and effective change”

    Janey Lee Grace BBR Radio 2 Presenter and Best Selling Author

  • “I attended one of Janet’s courses because I wanted to be healthier and take better care of my body, and I can honestly say that since then, my life has changed for the better. Janet has a warmth about her and she is so passionate, knowledgeable and genuinely thrilled that the system that she has developed is able to help so many people; it’s difficult not to be excited yourself. The best part is that it works!”

    Fiona Gregory

  • “Janet was very professional, extremely perceptive, easy to talk to and has a straightforward manner that I really like. She quickly identified the issues in the first session. Since then I have literally blossomed! Now I feel free to relax into it the process of making better choices.”

    Anne Mills

Placebo Diet in the press

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