Motivation Made Easy
How to make it impossible not to succeed

This unique multi-level programme can change your mind and your body to give you a complete 360* transformation, inside and out.

Is This The Easiest Diet Ever? – A super simple way to a healthy slimmer body
Join Janet and learn how using the simple Colour Code System or the Colour Fast Re-set, can bring about permanent physical changes – fast

Thought Field Therapy – “Tapping”
Learn the magic of TFT the original “Tapping” therapy

Motivation Made Easy
how to make it impossible not to succeed
The word “Motivation” usually implies effort and drive, but motivation is more of a process than a thing. Its not something you have, it’s something you do, and it may be easier than you think.

Where & When?

The perfect opportunity to see and experience some of the unique techniques and guidelines for yourself
This unique multi-level programme can change your mind and your body to give you a complete 360* transformation, inside and out.
Come along for a full day’s immersion into the life changing Placebo Diet techniques

An informative and interactive experience that will teach you how your brain works, and more importantly how you change it! Even the oldest most set habits can be collapsed and be replaced with new behaviours using these creative effective techniques. We will guide you through the process so that you can experience the changes personally. Whether you want to stop emotional eating or just plain food cravings, you will learn how to do that and much more on this inspirational empowering workshop.

In addition to your days coaching you will also receive everything you need to get results

  • Placebo Diet techniques and principles (PDF)
  • Colour Code System nutrition plan (PDF)
  • Quick Start Guide & planner
  • 2 “Change Your Mind” audios

Where & When?

CHAMPNEYS HENLOW 29th March 2020 (2 or 4 nights)

CHAMPNEYS EASTWELL 7th June 2020 (2 or 4 nights)

Is This The Easiest Diet Ever?
Join Janet and learn how using the simple Colour Code System or the Colour Fast Re-set, can bring about permanent physical changes – fast.

Janet has the ability to take often complicated information and translate it into user friendly practical terms so that you leave with a new understanding of what your body needs and why and how to put it all into practice.

You will learn:

  • The super simple principles behind the Colour Code system – and lose weight without dieting
  • How cleaning and resting your digestive system promotes health and weight loss
  • How intermittent fasting can boost health and maximise weight loss
  • The best way to detoxify your liver and your body to boost health and weight loss
  • How your diet affects your mood and mental as well as physical performance
  • How to put it all together in a simple easy to follow way
  • Why this system works better than any “diet” and is easier to follow


Early Bird Rate – £99+booking fee (available until 4 weeks before, then £145+booking fee)

Where & When?

Leicester (Fosse Park) New date for 2020 coming soon for this venue

Manchester (Central) city centre April 4th 2020

A unique opportunity to be personally guided through the process of changing your body in just one day
Dr Roger CallahanDr Roger Callahan creator of TFT

“Janet is creative and unique in her ability to explain TFT, she is an excellent trainer and combines her excellent teaching skills excitement and knowledge in her trainings, we are proud to have her as a representative for TFT”

“It was a brilliant, educational weekend, the perfect balance of theory and practical to give the confidence to go forward as a newly qualified Practitioner. I can’t recommend Janet highly enough, her passion to help others is a shining example to all, and her expertise and patience as a tutor makes it all possible for others like me to do the same.” – Lindsey Peters

“It’s not an overstatement to say the weekend with Janet learning TFT changed my life. A trauma I had carried for over 10 years that haunted me every day, vanished. I can only describe it as “magic without the wand” and even that doesn’t do it justice” – June Rodger

The magic of TFT

TFL Book

Thought Field Therapy – “Tapping”
TFT & Dynamic Energy healing (Certified training) 2 or 1 day course

Day 1 & 2 Certified TFT and Dynamic Energy Healing

TFT (Thought Field Therapy) is the original “Tapping” therapy created by Dr Roger Callahan from which all other forms of tapping are derived. Dr Callahan wrote a glowing introduction for Janets book “Tapping For Life”.

TFT is an elegant, simple, non invasive process that can bring about real emotional healing. Its beauty is that it can be done content free, there’s no need to speak about the experience or feeling in order to release its negative effects.

Day one of this unique course is a Certified Callahan Approved TFT training. Day 2 goes much further and integrates this amazing technique with a range of other energy based therapies, allowing you to experience an eclectic mix of the very best and most effective techniques. (see below if you have already trained in TFT). You will learn how to blend them together in a unique way that can be bespoke either for you, or if you are working with others, for each individual.

In any healing modality there is no “one size fits all” and this amazing programme will teach you how to use and develop your own skills and instincts to create that magic space where change happens. This course is a perfect compliment to any holistic practice whether its mind based, such as hypnotherapy or coaching, or physical such as reflexology or massage, either for self care or for working with others.

If you are already working with others with emotional distress you will know how vital it is to protect your own emotional energy and state and stay energised, and this is the perfect way to do that.

Day 2 Dynamic Energy Healing

If you are already certified in TFT Janet you can re-attend day 1 TFT training for free to refresh your skills and just pay for day 2, where you will learn how to integrate a range of other energy therapies and inspirational techniques to infinitely expand your skill set and your ability to diagnose the best course of action using a variety of energy tests, to balance meridians and other energy systems, and tailor your treatments on a deep and personalised level to create a truly bespoke experience.

London (Crowne Plaza Battersea)

New Date Coming Soon

2 day course – from £295* + booking fee
1 day course – from £175* + booking fee

*Early bird rates (4 weeks before) “normal price £375”

Hypno Thoughts Live 2020 (Las Vegas)

August 14/16th 2020 – Click image below To Book

Hypno Thoughts Live 2020 - Las Vegas