Every day you make over 200 decisions about food, and most of these are made unconsciously. Habits and emotions drive many of our food choices and that means it’s all happening inside the brain. Learning to control your brain, and more importantly change it, is a really valuable life skill that will not only help you lose weight, but can help in all areas of your life. In this informative & inspiring programme Janet will guide you through a process that can change your mind – and transform your body. You can do it in the comfort of your home with the Placebo Diet at home programme, have individual coaching or come along to a luxury or mini retreat.

What is The Placebo Diet?

It is a totally unique system to help you reprogramme your mind, it will help you change how you think and feel about food (and yourself) so that you naturally make different food choices and automatically lose weight – without dieting!

How Does It Work?

It works by reprogramming your mind to change how you think and feel about food. Thoughts are the language of the brain and determine everything you do. In this programme you will learn how even the oldest most stubborn thoughts, beliefs and habits can be changed using a range of practical techniques (all backed up by scientific research).

What do You Get?

The Placebo Diet at home is a unique programme including entertaining & inspiring weekly presentations and demonstrations, with practical exercises, powerful guided meditations and audios… all from the comfort of your home.

whatThe support carries on after you have completed the 7 steps, you then get an additional 5 months VIP membership which includes weekly features and top tips, additional meditations, lots of motivational ideas and more practical exercises as well as access to delicious especially designed recipes from our guest chefs, so that you can enjoy putting into practice all the things you have already changed – for good!

Plus you will be invited to our members only facebook group where you will also find extra features and material, share ideas and experiences and chat with Janet personally



We are so sure this unique system can help you, that if you genuinely feel the videos and hypnotic meditations are not working for you after 14 days, you can have all of your money back!

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