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You truly deserve the success you desire.

One To One Coaching is a highly personalised process. It allows you to be guided through the process of change in a way that’s unique to you and your needs. For some people weight loss coaching is a straightforward process, but for others it’s a much more multi-dimensional process that affects other areas of life not necessarily related to food. Being able to value yourself as a person and believe that you can not only make the changes, but that you truly deserve the success you desire, is at the heart of this bespoke coaching package.

Individual Personal Coaching Package

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I went to see Janet after years of binge eating and dieting. I had tried everything and nothing had worked, food was my comfort and also my enemy. Within a few sessions, years of bad thoughts and habits began to change. I now have a healthy and enjoyable approach to food and the unexpected additional benefits of improved self worth and self esteem have been a pleasant side effect of the treatment! I totally recommend Janet’s coaching to anyone who wants to change physically or emotionally.

Liza Collins

Try a sample before you buy

Are you curious and want to find out more about just how much changing your mind can help you change your body? It’s a new approach, and its only right that you try it out first and make sure it’s right for you. So I would like to offer you the first Placebo Diet at Home audio (MP3) completely free.

Sit back and enjoy finding out about how your brain works, and more importantly, how you can change it! even this one lesson may be enough for you to begin to make the changes you have always wanted to make, and if that’s the case please have it and use it with my compliments – in fact share it with your friends!

Or if you would like me to guide you through the whole programme, then you can choose which package, or maybe which retreat or workshop, that suits you best. It will be my pleasure to help you to change – for good.

Simply by adding your name and email address below we will send you the FREE MP3 and learn how your mind can change your body