Success stories

Real life Placebo Dieters share their success stories and their comments

“Janet is an inspirational teacher and trainer and her techniques bring about immediate and effective change”

Janey Lee Grace BBR Radio 2 Presenter and Best Selling Author

“I attended one of Janet’s courses because I wanted to be healthier and take better care of my body, and I can honestly say that since then, my life has changed for the better. 
Janet has a warmth about her and she is so passionate, knowledgeable and genuinely thrilled that the system that she has developed is able to help so many people; it’s difficult not to be excited yourself.

The best part is that it works!
It becomes part of your life after the first session and because it makes sense, it isn’t difficult. It’s amazing that all the information is already known but it needed putting together and Janet has done that in a really simple, easy to adopt, life changing set of principles.

It should be taught in schools, colleges, everywhere – everyone would benefit from the sense of wellbeing and happiness that it brings. I can’t thank Janet enough for educating me in a better way to live my life.”

Fiona Gregory

“In my 25 years as a GP I have found patients coming for help with issues around weight and personal appearance a great challenge. Conventional medical therapy with drugs and surgery is potentially hazardous, and often unpleasant and unsuccessful. These patients are often desperate and vulnerable . They are prepared to spend considerable sums of money on the latest diet-based scheme in the forlorn hope that they will be successful, when experience tells us that they are heading for another cycle of sacrifice and disappointment. This is now no longer necessary.

Diets have had their day THEY JUST DONT WORK! In The Placebo Diet, Janet Thomson has developed a totally unique and much needed system which quickly identifies the values and beliefs underlying these issues, and generates the motivation to make the changes necessary to produce results.

All this is presented with Janet’s calm, assured professionalism, produced by many years of successfully helping client s with just these issues. Janet teaches principles which clearly she adheres to herself: living proof of the effectiveness of her scheme. The bonus is, that when the principles which Janet practices and teaches are learned and adopted, these can be applied to any area in life where change is wanted. If people commit and follow Janet’s method, success is inevitable.”


“Whilst I’d tried several different approaches over the years, most of which helped to some extent, I still felt there were issues that I just couldn’t shake off that were stopping me getting the results I knew I wanted and ruining my life.

Janet was very professional, extremely perceptive, easy to talk to and had a straightforward manner that I really liked. She quickly identified the issues and in the first session.

Since then I have literally blossomed! as I feel free to relax into it the process of making better choices. The impact of the programme was subtle but so powerful and effective and I am much happier and more relaxed generally. I regularly go back into the original unhelpful thoughts to check whether they have really changed permanently (like wobbling a loose tooth) and they have. I look and feel lighter as a result and continue to use the techniques if I ever feel a bit negative, and it never fails to pick me up.

I highly recommend this programme for removing old thoughts and behaviours that are literally weighing you down and holding you back from getting on with your life. This is the easiest system I have ever tried, and by far the most effective. What a combination!”

Anne Mills

“Having suffered with an eating disorder for years, I had tried and tried to beat it on my own – without success. In fact, it seemed to be getting worse and I was at the end of my tether.

After just one session with Janet I found the techniques worked immediately; completely eradicating some really negative behaviours. They also helped me to change the way you I think and feel about food in general.

I’ve had no recurrence of the negative behaviours, have a really healthy relationship with food and am losing weight naturally, without fad diets or gimmicks. I am so pleased I found Janet and her amazing system”

Deb James

“10 months after following The Placebo Diet programme, I am now 10st 6lb (down from 13st 2lb). I haven’t done masses more exercise or joined a gym…just followed Janets advice and used the mind changing techniques. As silly as it sounds I eat what I want: it’s what I want that has changed!

Significantly though my BMI has dropped from 30.6 (obese) to 24.2 (safe range) Janet – Would it be exaggerating to say “you saved my life?”

Marie James

“I had been dieting since I was 14. The weight had gone off and on so many times I lost count – and hope. Now for the first time in years I believe I am losing weight without dieting , and for the first time in my life I believe I’ll keep it off.

I’ve lost three stone so far. I Have had periods where it’s all been quite a struggle, but instead of going into panic mode, I have been using the techniques Janet taught us; for instance I suddenly had a phase of feeling really fat and negative again, even looking in the mirror and  seeing the old me, not the slimmer version.

I Finally realised it was when I hit the weight I’d been the last time I joined a slimming club, and all those negative feelings came flooding back. Once I knew that, it was like someone pressed a switch and I was back on track and the weight is still coming off. I Also seem to have become braver in other  aspects of life too, and stopped putting myself last on the list, So yes, this has been a pretty life-changing and rewarding process.

Jennifer Moorby

“Since your retreat at Champneys…it’s been amazing! My state of mind is so much more positive, I honestly feel reborn. And my eating is completely under control and so easily too…… and I am no longer saying vile things to myself ”

Jo Brown

“Woo hoo! Two stone off and BMI down from 37.9 to 32.9, so just three points off being “overweight” rather than “obese“ – I can do it!! ”

Susan Beaver

“You know, when I saw the retreat advertised, I was in two minds about going, but you’ve proved me wrong; it’s so much more painless than any “diet” I’ve ever been on ( and I started at the age of eight…). Just believing my body deserves to be treated better has influenced so many areas of my life ”

Angela Mathews

“I attended Janet’s 5 day course at Champeys, and want to say Thank you so much. It was so worthwhile (and worth every penny). I got to goal today. I have lost two and a half stone. I am now 9 and a half stone. All done a month before my daughter’s wedding! I really believe I have learnt to have a different relationship with food, and indeed myself”

Arial Morrison

“It has taken me a while but I am writing to give you my feedback on the Nutrition Day 6/8/16

I must admit that, having met you at ANLP in April 2016, I had rather high expectations and you have exceeded them considerably!!! I have got a Masters degree in Food Technology (1993, Russia) and subsequently has done numerous courses on the subject both in the UK (Open University) and USA. I have worked with a very prominent Biomedical Doctor in the USA to help my son with Autism to heal his gut and thought I knew enough, but I could never put my knowledge on “one plate” so it is plain and clear what why and when I and people I am working with should eat to stay healthy and fit. Your 1 day workshop was delivered with an amazing power of conviction and speed but put it all in order for me and helped to understand the total picture of metabolism and vitality and how this can be achieved on a daily basis without taking up too much time, costing a fortune or demotivating oneself completely.

I have now purchased and read a book about fats that kill and heal and proud to say that managed to loose 5+kg without any drastic changes in my lifestyle or exercises – wait till I get my exercise routine in line

Thank you very much for all your work to create and deliver this simple yet powerful and thoroughly researched approach. I would certainly be interested to learn more from you and looking forward to your next professional training course. I cannot attend one in November but will aim for January.”

Tatyana Stewart

“So far I have lost 5 stones and it’s still coming off so I am really chuffed! The guided mediations are great – it’s really working!”

Luke Carter

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