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Personalised coaching for guaranteed success.

One-to-one coaching is hugely beneficial as an add-on to either The Placebo Diet or the Colour Fast Reset Programme. For some it’s a straightforward support system alongside your weight loss plan, but for others its a multi-dimensional process that affects many areas of your life. Read more about our fabulous coaches here, and see how they can help you achieve your goals.

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8 x 30 mins £295
Bev Gisborne
The Placebo Diet changed my life... and it can yours too!

Name: Bev Gisborne
Speciality: Diet/Fitness
Locality: East Anglia
Experience: 4 years
Tel: 07867746258
Email: bev@theplacebodiet.co.uk

I have been exactly where you are – needing to lose weight and wondering which “diet” to try next! Now I have lost 4 dress sizes and I am slimmer, healthier and have never felt happier. I confess I am now a bit of a fitness nut! But I can assure you it hasn’t always been that way. Most of my childhood and adult life I was overweight; I was the child who used to fake illness to get out of PE at school and wouldn’t wear a swimming costume in public. I tried all of the fad diets and even resorted to diet pills. All that changed 6 years ago when I finally realised I needed to sort my head out before I sorted my body out. I trained in a range of therapies as I became more and more convinced that this was the only way to lose weight and keep it off. Then I met Janet and as soon as I learned about the Placebo Diet I knew that this was the very best programme and the perfect way for me to help others (and maybe you!) achieve what I have achieved. When she invited me to become a Placebo Coach I was absolutely thrilled and I knew I had found my professional “home”.

I have seen the work we do literally change people’s lives. So many other weight loss programmes only focus on the actual “diet” - there are some very extreme nutrition plans out there that are simply impossible to sustain. They don’t address all the habitual and emotional issues that are involved in losing weight and keeping it off; and I know from experience, that’s exactly what you need. That’s where I come in – I can help you reprogram your mind, collapse cravings and old habits, and teach you the super simple Colour Code Nutrition System which has helped thousands of people to make good food choices without feeling like they are on a diet.

I will personally guide you through the programme to inspire you, empower you and show you how to release the power you have within you to change your life – that might sound like a bold and dramatic statement – but is true! I know because I have done it myself.

Julie Spitler

Name: Julie Spitler DHP, MAPHP (Acc)
Speciality: Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist
Locality: Cleveland
Experience: 7 years
Tel: 07795124965
Email: julie@theplacebodiet.co.uk

Hello! I’m Julie Spitler – a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist – and a proud Placebo Diet Coach! Some of you may know me from my main practice, Saltburn Hypnotherapy, and I work occasionally at Wynyard too.

I first trained in hypnotherapy after receiving therapy myself. I have received and trained in many forms of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and The Placebo Diet is by far the most effective weight loss program I have come across. Other therapies had helped me with over eating, but after a while I would get stuck. The Placebo Diet has taught me skills and knowledge to use for myself that I can now share with you.

I went to my first slimming club at the age of 16 and I dipped in and out of them for years. When I lived in London I would see the same members returning every January, just like me. We would talk about all the diets we had tried over the years that hadn’t worked: the powders, the tablets, the cereal bars, or the latest cleanse. Janet’s method is the secret to permanent weight loss, and I can teach it to you.

On a personal level, the weight and inches are steadily coming off – I am living proof that’s this works – for good!

Lindsey Peters

Name: Lindsey Peters
Speciality: Diet/Fitness
Locality: Hertfordshire
Experience: 25 years
Email: lindsey@theplacebodiet.co.uk

Hi, I’m Lindsey Peters! I have been an award-winning fitness and weight-loss instructor for nearly 25 years - and a proud Placebo Diet Coach! Some of you may know me as Lindsey Fitness from my classes in Hertfordshire.

I was originally trained by Janet Thomson in fitness and nutrition over 20 years ago and have now come full circle as a Placebo Diet Coach. For me the weight loss industry has become a complete minefield of false promises, misinformation and utter confusion so that even getting started on dealing with weight issues and improving health can be difficult.

I read the Placebo Diet on recommendation and it just made so much sense - dealing with mindset and focusing on nutrition for health, teamed with exercise for successful, sustainable weight -loss…hoorah! I have since completed the Colour Fast ReSet and could not believe how much better I felt. I lost 7lbs, felt totally energised and I am still feeling the same today. It was a gamechanger!

My passion has always been to help anyone lose weight and get fit and as a Placebo Diet coach I now have the skills, experience and a proven system to help you change how you feel about food for good. This really is the secret to permanent weight loss!

Jane Cooper


For as many years as I can remember, I have been on some kind of diet. Some were faddy and some more sensible but all had one thing in common…none of them enabled me to lose weight for good!

At best, the diets I have tried have seen me lose weight for a while but have been unsustainable, and at worst have left me feeling drained and unmotivated. I was frustrated that I could not find a sensible and satisfying eating plan that could become a way of life and enable me to lose some of my unwanted pounds.

That was until I met Janet Thomson at a training event we were both attending. Janet delivered a talk on nutrition and it was then that I realised that I had finally met someone that really understood her subject. Janet’s knowledge of the human body and what it requires to work at an optimum level is the key to successful weight loss and wellbeing.This programme has been a life-changing one for me as I am now heading towards my own personal weight loss goal in addition to feeling healthier and so much happier than I have for a long time.

My own experience has empowered me to want to help other people, and becoming a coach has given me that chance. I would love the opportunity to help you learn a new way of thinking about what you put into your body and why. The multi-dimensional programmes help you to address not only weight issues, but some of the related underlying emotional issues you might have too.

In addition to the nutrition training I have undertaken with Janet, I am trained in several therapeutic modalities, so I can help you to see a positive change in your health, weight and mental wellbeing.

Enjoy eating foods you love that will love you back for lasting results!

Judith Harvey

Like most of us, I have tried just about every kind of diet known to me: shakes, cleanses, low carb, high protein diet... you name it and I have tried it! I would lose weight and then regain it plus more besides. I literally dieted myself fatter!

I had a major life crisis a few years ago and I took my life by the horns and I trained in a range of holistic therapies, but even with all of my training I still didn’t crack the issue of my weight.

It wasn’t until I joined a clinical study group and they put me into the ‘Diet and Exercise’ part of the programme. They looked at everything that I ate and my activity levels (which were almost non-existent!) to assess the long term effects of my diet and exercise on my mind. I had a full body scan where they measured every single part of my body. This told me not just that I was fat (as if I didn’t know!) but showed me what damage I had done to my body over the years. That was a very scary moment, and I realised I had been totally abusing and disrespecting my body with foods I was calling a ‘treat’. It turns out the combined effect of all these ‘treats’ was the exact opposite of a treat: it was poor health, lethargy and low self-esteem.

I had met Janet a number of years ago and she introduced me to her way of thinking about weight loss so I looked her up and I started to follow her Colour Code System. I also began to use the online videos and audios - and I found it easier and easier to make different food choices. I never felt like I was on a diet or was missing out, and learned to love and even crave new foods that really were (and still are) a treat because they gave me my vitality back as they took the inches off. An unexpected bonus was that my overall mindset became so much more positive in almost every area of my life.

Lynn Roberts

Although I wasn’t overweight as a child or a teen I was never body confident.In my 20s I put on several stones and needed to lose weight. I managed to lose the weight by drastically cutting back the calories, but became severely undernourished and then began an almost three decade long battle to keep my weight stable. Throughout my 20s & 30s I tried every diet and-fat loss fad going, including taking diet pills and sticking patches on my feet (yes, I know - crazy!), but it was always a struggle and only got harder as I got older. I frequently reached for the biscuits or cake in place of a proper meal, thinking that it was just calories that counted and not the quality of the calories. A few years ago I began to look at self-development and began to understand the connection between mind and body.

At this time I met Janet. I had the privilege of being present for several talks that Janet gave and impressed by her knowledge around diet and anatomy, but above all what she said made perfect sense to me. I researched Janet’s work and began to put some of the principles into action. My diet became so much healthier. I feel more alive and I have lost the excess pounds that I had struggled with for so long. I love my food and could never go back to skipping a meal in favour of cake or biscuits…although I do still enjoy a couple of biscuits or cake from time to time!

I have witnessed the life-changing effects of Janet’s programmes, so when she invited me to become a coach I was thrilled at the prospect of helping people to achieve a happier and healthier future.

I will personally guide you through the programme and help to re-programme your mind to collapse the habits and emotional triggers that cause cravings and over-eating and teach you the super-easy Colour Code System that has helped many, many people to make food choices that serve them without feeling deprived.

You can do it... I did, and I can help you!