Colour Fast Reset Programme
Fast track your way to a healthy body and mind in just two weeks.

This transformational programme has been especially created to bring you the latest research on the benefits of intermittent fasting, improving digestion and detoxifying your liver, along with explaining how to balance your blood sugar and reduce cravings; all put together in a succinct two-week plan.

If you have struggled to lose weight in the past and suffer from bloating, food cravings and general lethargy then this is a real treat for your body, giving it exactly what it needs to reset and reboot.

Of course it’s not just about the amazing (super simple) recipes, like all of our programmes the Colour Fast Reset is a multi-level plan that includes powerful techniques to reprogramme your thinking and change how you think and feel about foods. Not only are there three “Change Your Mind Fast” audios, the resource pack contains short videos demonstrating a variety of techniques, including TFT (tapping) to prevent self-sabotage, practical ways to boost your immune system and much more.

Special Introductory Price £95
(Usually £150)

Or special offer when combined with Colour Fast Workshop, get both for £220
(Usually £325)

Fast track your way to changing your mind and your body in just two weeks
Your Colour Fast Reset programme includes:
  • Colour Fast Reset e-book
  • Colour Fast Reset planner & recipes
  • “3 x Change Your Mind Fast” audios
  • Practical Resource Pack – a series of short videos demonstrating a variety of practical techniques to change your thinking
  • 1 months’ free membership to the VIP members area of the website where you can access new resources and materials every month, and also be part of our amazing online community (private Facebook Group) where you can ask questions and make comments and share in the success of others and Janet and our coaches will support and inspire you
What People Say

“Thank you so much for introducing this amazing program and I’m delighted in the results after removing 11lbs in weight from my body!! I look and feel so much better and will keep continuing with this going forward so thank you! I’m actually looking forward to my wedding day now – I’ve got about another stone/1.5 stone to go! “

Rachel Berry

When you realise that your body is where you live, and you take care of it, it pays you back with more energy and vitality, and better health. You don’t just look better, you feel better.