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Is this the easiest diet ever? Daily Mail, 2019
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“Having been to a couple of Janets (life changing) workshops I was thrilled to try out the Colour Fast Reset. It’s so easy to follow and I have seen and felt the results and so have others! ”

Penny Graham

“In just 6 weeks I am at least one dress size smaller, my sweet tooth has gone, I feel better generally and have more confidence in myself and it’s become a way of life – thank you!”

Valerie Sutcliffe

“After the 2 week Colour Fast Reset I feel better physically & emotionally and the 6kg lost was a nice bonus! Great easy recipes that have become a way of life”

Alasdair MacInnes

“When I saw the retreat advertised, I was in two minds about going- but you’ve proved me wrong; it’s so much more painless than any “diet” I’ve ever been on (and I started at the age of eight…). Just believing my body deserves to be treated better has influenced so many areas of my life. All the symptoms which had my doctor sending me for loads of tests have just disappeared. I feel fitter than I have for years.”


“I attended a one day workshop with Bev and continued with the colour code system. I have lost nearly 2 stone easily where other diets have failed. This has been a real game changer for me and I highly recommend this program to anyone. I feel a million times better both mentally and physically and can’t believe how easily this plan fits in with my busy daily life. Thanks so much”


“The Colour Fast programme completely changed my mind-set for the better, I’m so proud I have lost almost a stone and looking forward to following the Colour Code Principles long term, I am so grateful to Janet and the team”

Lauren Prentice

“Thank you! I have more energy and am sleeping better as well as losing 8k, here’s to the next steps using the Colour Code System – thank you”

David Asquith

“Since starting the programme a few months ago I’ve lost 20cm and 15kg, I have more energy and I feel fabulous. The support from Janet & the team is amazing, I am so happy I am training to be a coach to inspire others to follow this wonderful life changing programme”

Judy Harvey

“Wow, what a transformation. Bloating has gone, energy levels are higher & no longer feel like an afternoon nap at 3pm. Hormones have settled down which means I’m not in agony once a month with horrendous joint pain, nails are stronger, skin is clearer (the list is endless). I feel like “me” again now Ive got my life back ”

Sandra Harnett

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to these amazing programmes. I was feeling frumpy, bloated, self-conscious and hiding myself away unless I could wear clothes that hid every lump and bump. I didn’t really like myself, now my hair is shinier, my skin is brighter, my finger nails are longer and I’m starting to like myself again. I even wore skinny jeans and a T-shirt. I no longer feel bloated and I eat things I would never have touched before and I love them. I’ve tried ‘other diets’ and this completely knocks these of the scales (pun intended).”  

Fay Hewing

“After finishing the Colour Fast Reset I am an unbelievable 11lbs down! I’m not hungry, which is unheard of, looking forward to continuing on the Colour Code System but will definitely do the Reset as a regular boost”

Jacqueline Cooper

“The Colour Code System is so easy to follow, I don’t get hungry, have never felt better about myself; I sleep better, my skin and hair are better, and the weight is dropping off!”

Sarah Gaskin

“I have been so surprised at how much I enjoy the recipes I haven’t missed the foods I thought I liked at all! I have lost 8.5 inches and 5kg so far , thank you so much”

Ed Mass

“After an initial panic about what I was doing I went onto lose 3.5 kg and several inches even though I didn’t follow it strictly, I am now more in tune with my body and more motivated”

F. Fife

“This is a very easy system to use whether cooking at home or eating out, you get a real sense of freedom it completely changes how you think and feel about food for the better”

Fiona Russell

“I lost over 15lbs in 6 weeks really quite easily! This is definitely a long term strategy not really a “diet” in the traditional sense, it’s more of a strategy and I can’t imagine straying far from this in the future.”

Lorna Harvey

“Thank you so much for creating this amazing program and I’m delighted in the results after removing 11lbs in weight from my body!! I look and feel so much better and will keep continuing with this going forward so thank you! I’m actually looking forward to my wedding day now!”

Rachel Berry

“As a diet non-believer I entered this with a certain amount of scepticism and did it mainly (as I thought) to support Rachel. The meals are not only tasty but satisfy my hunger in a way I didn’t think would be possible. Having completed the 2 week Colour Fast Reset Programme and reducing my weight by 10lbs, I think my next meal should be humble pie!! The ultimate goal now is a smaller waist and cheaper wedding suit!! Thanks very much for introducing us to this new way of living. It has definitely changed the way we eat and how we view food ”

Tim Rose
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