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Is this the easiest diet ever? Daily Mail, 2019
This unique multi-level programme can change your mind and your body to give you a complete 360* transformation, inside and out.

This unique programme is a step-by-step guide to changing how you think and feel about food, and yourself. You will learn how your brain works, how thoughts and beliefs are created, and most importantly, how to change them. But that’s only half the story, you will also learn a super simple Colour Code System that will promote a healthy, efficient body that looks and feels better. When you have completed the seven-week programme you will notice not just physical, but emotional and psychological changes, that last for good.

Every day it’s estimated we make around 200 choices about food, yet most of these are unconscious patterns or habits. This programme will help you take back control of your food choices and reprogramme your mind to update and change them. You can say goodbye to emotional eating and cravings and learn to “love the foods that love you back” and that give you the body that you want and deserve.

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Your Placebo Diet At Home programme includes:
  • 7 inspiring weekly video lessons demonstrating different elements of how to change your mind (approx. 20 mins long) (MP4 files)
  • Mind Changing audios, using the principles of hypnosis and your own processing systems to change old habits and beliefs (MP3 files)
  • The Colour Code Nutrition system
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • 2 months’ free membership to the VIP members area of the website where you can access new resources and materials every month, and also be part of our amazing online community (private Facebook Group) where you can ask questions and make comments and share in the success of others and Janet and our coaches will support and inspire you
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When you make the right choices for the right reasons and you are genuinely happy and loving your food,

it’s not a diet, it’s just a new way of eating and enjoying the foods that will give you great results.

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