Do Things Differently This Year…

When you set a goal there’s a specific process within your brain that determines how or even if you achieve it. The principles of the Placebo Diet are as much about learning how your brain works as teaching you what … Read More

Don’t Put Yourself at RISK

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I can’t think of any other condition other than Obesity that can result in chronic illness and death that has been ignored on such a grand scale. If you are in close proximity to someone with flu, what do you … Read More

Healthy Gut Bacteria for Weight Loss

A human body is composed of more bacteria than cells. Trillions of bacteria are collectively called microbiome, and most of them live in our gut. They play a huge role not just in gut health, but in overall health. In … Read More

The Power of Awareness

If you’ve followed any other diet programs, you may have come across the exercise to create a ‘food diary’, it’s frequently used as an exercise at the beginning of starting a regime and it may seem a bit of a … Read More

Eat More & Control Your Hunger

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There are two big players when it comes to the drive to eat: as with all body signals there’s one hormone to turn it on and one to turn it off, and the balance of the two determine the overall … Read More

The Missing Link for Great Health & Weight Loss

When we think about losing weight the two most common elements of pretty much all the weight loss programmes available to us are DIET & EXERCISE… and this has been the strategy for many years. So it’s nothing new to … Read More

How to Put into Practice What I Teach You!

I write these blogs to teach you ‘stuff’ that will be helpful for you, both in terms of losing weight, AND so you can learn how your brain works and understand that you’re able to change things if you have … Read More

Slow Thinking for Fast Weight Loss

A common mistake that people make when they want to achieve a particular goal is opting for the quickest way of getting there. Sometimes quick is good – if you’re a sprinter for example, then the fastest possible time is … Read More

Look what a month of eating processed foods did to me!

I have always taught in my Placebo Diet that what you eat chemically influences how you think and feel.  May 18th in the Daily Mail Online, Dr Chris van Tulleken documented his one-month experiment of overeating, and the shocking results on both his body and … Read More