Self-Sabotaging? Do this…

How would you like to find the magic formula that helps you achieve everything you set your heart on? What exactly would you achieve if you no longer self-sabotaged, and more than that, how would it feel to be able … Read More

Practice Does Not Make Perfect!

As a child at school I loved gymnastics. Swinging from ropes and jumping onto or over things was much more appealing than learning the three ‘R’s! I just loved moving my body – but I soon learned the trick with … Read More

One Thought Away from Changing Everything

It has been said that of the thousands of thoughts we have every day, over 80 per cent are the same negative ones repeated over and over again. So, it’s time for some new thinking! You are just one thought … Read More

Every Thought Counts

So, you know that your thoughts are incredibly powerful things. You have been walking around with this loaded gun full of negative rubber bullets – probably firing at yourself more than anyone else. If you thought you were firing blanks, … Read More

My Three Golden Rules

Joanna Kosinska 313496 Unsplash
When you understand and implement my colour code system into your everyday life this will be the last “diet” you will ever need. And – you won’t even feel like you are on a diet. Here are three golden rules … Read More

Quit Feeding Yourself Lies…

Food Lies
I recently listened to a great TED talk which essentially taught that ‘At the heart of success is effort not talent’. You don’t “have” success you “do” success. It’s not a noun, it’s a verb. The same as “motivation” is … Read More

How Did You Get Fat?

Let’s say you are out for lunch with a friend who is about the same shape and size as you. He or she chooses a tuna Niçoise salad and you choose a four-cheese pizza. Does that make you fatter than … Read More

How ‘I Can’t’ Becomes ‘I Can’

I’ve told you many times that your mind likes doing things that are familiar. Well, now I’m going to guide you through the process of change. Before you decided that you wanted to change, were you going along thinking there … Read More